DEE 2nd Provisional List of Hindi Teachers of UP Schools


DEE 2nd Provisional List of Hindi Teachers of UP Schools

2nd Provisional Select List of Hindi Teachers of UP Schools.It   for   information   of   all the candidates,who   have   successfully   submitted   online application  in  the  official  website  of  DEE,  Assam,  i.e. and  received  the acknowledgement  against  the Advertisement-B  vide  No.  EAA/  SIU/125/2020/43  dated 11/09/2020for the post of Hindi Teacher of UP School sand also selected the post, medium of school and district against Notice-B vide No. EAA/SIU/125/2020/57 dated 20/10/2020; that the 2ndProvisional Merit Lists(Hindi  Teacher) will be  published from the 12:00 Midnight of 19/01/2021.

  1. The enlisted candidates of the 2ndProvisional Merit Lists (Hindi Teacher)must select one  of  the  Districts  if their names are  published  in Provisional  Merit  Lists for  more than one district within 12hoursfrom the time of publication of the Provisional Merit List.
  2. The options submitted by the candidates against the earlier Provisional Merit List are hereby  nullified,in order  to incorporate  the outcome after  due  examination  of the genuine grievances  received  online and  back-office  verification.Therefore,  all  the enlisted candidates require to submit their option for District within 12 hours from the time of publication of the Provisional Merit List.
  3. All the candidates enlisted in the 2ndProvisional Select List are directed to attend the Directorate of Elementary Education, Assam on21/01/2021 from11:30 AM to5:00 PM only along-with all their original relevant documents with a photocopy set.
  4. Sudden drop in cut-off marks in anylist is due to fulfilling of the existing reservation guidelines.
  5. It is to be noted that this is a Provisional Merit List only, published to accept selection of   District,   and   grievances   ([email protected]),   if   any,   from   the candidates.  The  candidate  must  specify  their  Application  ID and  district during submission of their grievances.

    a.The candidates must send their grievances from their own email ID only.

    b.While submitting grievances in mail the following pattern should be followed:

    • i.Subject: Grievance in respect of Hindi Teacherin2ndProvisional Merit List
    • ii.Name of Candidate 
    • iii.TET Roll No
    • iv.Application ID
    • v.Specific grievance in short 
    • vi.The grievance  shall be written in the body of  the mail  only.  No attached complaints will be entertained.

      c.Grievance once submitted must not be repeated.

      d.Complaints  submitted  against  others shall have  to be  along-with sufficient documentary evidence and name and details of the complainant.

      e.Anonymous complaints will not be entertained.

  6. The candidates who have submitted their grievances already need not submit again as most of thegrievances have already been attended and the remaining grievances are being checkedfor its genuineness
  7. Any claim for appointment to the post of Teacher on the basis of appearance of name in any Provisional Merit Lists will NOT be entertained.
  8. No offline grievances will be accepted.
  9. Appointment letters will be issued only to the candidates whose names appear in the Final Select List.


All   other   terms   and   conditions as   mentioned   in   the   earlier   Notice vide   No. EAA/SIU/125/2020/87 dated 09/12/2020 will remain the same.

2nd Provisional Select List of Hindi Teachers of UP Schools

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