Friday, July 26, 2019

What & Who Is Next of Kin? Why Next of Kin Certificate is Important for us & How to Get It ?

 Next of kin refers to a person's closest living blood relative. The next-of-kin relationship is important in determining inheritance rights if a person dies without a will and has no spouse and/or children. The next of kin may also have responsibilities during and after their relative's life. For example, the next of kin might need to make medical decisions if the person becomes incapacitated, or take responsibility for their funeral/burial arrangements and financial affairs after their relative dies.

                                    The term next of kin is sometimes interpreted in a broader sense, to include the spouse or anyone who would receive a portion of the estate by the laws of descent and distribution if there were no will. In this context, next of kin would include a spouse—a person related by the tie of legal marriage.
                    The application for Next of Kin(s) Certificates are the legal certificate issued district administration. The same may be obtained  from respective Deputy Commissioner/ Sub-Divisional Officer(Civil)) along with required documents.            

                          The application for Next of Kin(s) Certificate may be submitted in standard format by the next of Kin(s) of the deceased person at the facilitation centre of the office of Deputy Commissioner/ Sub-Divisional Officer(Civil)) along with required documents.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicant should be citizen of India.
  2. Applicant should be Wife/ Husband/ Mother/ Father/ Daughter/ Son/ Brother/ Sister /Uncle /Aunty /Nephew /Niece of the deceased person.


  1. Service Charge :Rs.30/-
  2. Printing Charge : Rs 10/-  (Not required for Senior Citizen)
  3. Scanning Charge : Rs 5/ per page  (Not required for Senior Citizen)

Documents Required

  1. Scan copy of application form
  2. Death Certificate of the deceased person
  3. Valid documents showing relationship with the deceased person 30
  4. Self Declaration Affidavit

How to apply

There are two ways for applying this, One is Online and other is Offline. Let’s discussed about Online first.

ONLINE Apply Process:

  • Visit your nearest CSC Centres.
  • Ask them to apply for Next Of Kin Certificate.
  • Give your father’s or Mother’s death Certificate Scan Copy
  • And give relationship or link documents with your death parents.
  • Give your other required details while filling the form by the Computer Operator.
  • After submitted the form successfully, The Computer Operator will give a printed acknowledgement slip to you.
  • Pay the required application fee after getting the printed acknowledgement slip.
  • At last, don’t forget to ask the computer operator or CSC centre owner to notify you about your submitted application form status.

OFFLINE Apply Process:

If you want it through the OFFLINE process then you have to visit your nearest circle office under the DC office premises. and follow the given below steps

  • First of all, you have to fill the Next Of Kin Application form
  • Next, enclose the photocopy of the death certificate of the deceased person
  • also enclosed the photocopy of your family members link documents with the deceased person (such as Pan card, School certificate, NRC Legacy data certificate, etc) along with the application form.
  • And Self-declaration affidavit.
  • That’s it! Visit the DC Office PFC branch then ask them where the counter for Next of Kin Certificate apply. The office staff will guide you to the actual counter.
  • And then give the above-listed document that you have.
  • Pay the fee the get acknowledgement slip.
That’s it! they will call you once the certificate will ready.